Biker Gang Skit

We’ll be heading off to Webelos summer camp in a few weeks. At one of the campfire program, each campsite will put on a skit. I have no doubt my den will lobby hard for this skit. Every time they get a chance to do a skit, this one is tops on their list.

I can’t say there is any lesson to be learned from this skit other than don’t forget to bring your tent. And no, this is not my impression of bikers, so don’t write.  Nor is a particularly good example of leadership. It’s just boy humor!

Biker Gang Skit


  • Scout
  • Scout Leader
  • Everyone else is in the biker gang


  • Tent if you have one. Two extra scouts holding up a tarp make a great tent. Otherwise just have an “invisible” tent

The Skit

Scout Leader: Why didn’t you bring a tent?

Scout: I thought you were bringing a tent for me!

Scout Leader: You’ll just have to sleep under the stars.

The Scout Leader goes into his tent. The Scout lies down outside. The biker gang comes in making loud motorcycle noises. (My den likes to yell “Biker gang” when they make their entrance also.)

Biker gang member: Look there’s a guy sleeping on the ground. Let’s beat him up!

The bikers pretend to beat up the Scout and run off.

Scout: Help! Help!

Scout Leader: What?

Scout: A bunch of people came and beat me up.

Scout Leader: Well, they’re gone, so go back to sleep.

They both go back to sleep. The biker gang comes back in making lots of noise.

Biker gang member: Look! He went back to sleep. Let’s beat him up again!

The gang pretends to beat up the Scout again and then runs off.

Scout: Help! Help!

Scout Leader: What is it now?

Scout: They came back and beat me up again.

Scout Leader: They left again, so just go back to sleep.

Scout: I can’t. I’m scared! What if they come back?

Scout Leader: OK, you sleep in the tent and I’ll sleep outside.

They switch places and go back to sleep. The biker gang comes back in, making lots of noise.

Biker gang member: Look, he’s asleep again. Let’s beat him up!

Another gang member: No, we already beat up the guy outside the tent twice. Let’s get the guy inside the tent this time.

They drag the Scout out of the tent and pretend to beat him up a third time and leave. The Scout throws his hands up in the air and runs off screaming.


2 Responses to Biker Gang Skit

  1. Jackie March 17, 2015 at 2:18 PM #

    This is cute and I think the older boys would have fun with it. I think I would probably modify it to be zombies or something like that, instead of a “biker gang.” 🙂

  2. Jason January 13, 2016 at 7:22 PM #

    A clever variation of this is to substitute the biker gang with a swarm of mosquitos, talking in a high pitched voice. Works ten times better, and no need for violence or the beating of innocent Scouts.

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