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New Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guides

It looks like the new resource guides for dens and packs are available in PDF format online. I’m so happy to see they are not going to make us go to the Scout Shop and buy them. (Now if only they would do this with the rest of the printed resources!)

Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guides at

I’ll be reviewing these plans in the coming months and making my own suggestions based on my experience. At first glance, they look pretty good.

I did wonder about the amount of material presented in the meetings. The first Webelos plan involved two Character connections, discussion of about seven different requirements, and physical fitness exercises. I think I’d be hard pressed to fit all of that in a single meeting, considering how much my den enjoys talking.

I also wonder if most den leaders are going to pull off two den meetings every single month. Some months, when the kids have a lot of sports and school activities going on also, we find it difficult to get in two den meetings and a pack meeting.

I’ll continue providing you with aids, ideas, and printables to use with these guides. Plus, I will also keep posting my tried and true den meeting plans.

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  1. Eric September 24, 2015 at 7:11 AM #

    And they’ve taken them down. I just do not understand the BSA’s commitment to their volunteer leadership at all.

  2. John Ben Urban October 22, 2015 at 11:16 AM # has all Meeting Plans. When you look at an adventure, if you don’t see the breakdown of the meeting plan, click on “Download this Page” and then you will get it all.

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