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Cub Scout Gathering Activity – Core Values Crossword Puzzle

Core Values Crossword Puzzle

This is a crossword puzzle I made for a Cub Scout gathering activity for a den meeting. It’s purpose is just to familiarize the Cub Scout with the 12 core values.

The 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting were replaced by the 12 points of the Scout Law a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still use the core values as examples of good values. So use this crossword puzzle as a gathering activity at any meeting where values are the focus.

  • citizenship
  • compassion
  • cooperation
  • courage
  • faith
  • health and fitness
  • honesty
  • perseverance
  • positive attitude
  • resourcefulness
  • respect
  • responsibility

The words are given, so the Cub Scouts don’t have to know how to spell them. They just basically need to match the core value with its description and put it in the appropriate space on the crossword puzzle.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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