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Sweet 16 of BSA Safety | Safety Procedures and Policies

The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety describe the measures we should use at all Scouting activities. The seventh point of the Sweet 16 is Safety Procedures and Policies (see below).

Some of the things we do with our Scouts, especially our older Scouts, can be hazardous if you don’t follow the safety rules. For example, our troop is going rock climbing and rappelling in a few weeks.  This isn’t something you want to do haphazardly. One of the Scouter in our troop is finishing up his training as a climbing and rappelling instructor. The bulk of this training is learning the rules to do this activity safely.  It is important not to cut corners when doing activities. There is usually a good reason for the rules.

From the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety on the website:
For most activities there are common sense procedures and standards that can greatly reduce the risk. These should be known and appreciated by all participants, and the supervisor must ensure compliance.


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