Checkerboard Cake

Checkerboard Cake Pan

If you are working on a chess theme this month, try making a checkerboard cake which will look similar to a chess board when sliced as a snack to go along with this theme. One easy way to make a checkerboard cake is with a special checkerboard cake pan.

I have one of these checkerboard cake pans which an one of my aunts gave to me. It isn’t exactly like this one, but it is very similar. You make two contrasting colored cake batters and put an insert in when you are filling the pan so they don’t mix. Then you carefully pull the insert out and bake it.

One thing to remember when making the batter is to make it a little thicker so it doesn’t tend to get mixed together. I find that batters made from scratch, which tend to be a little more dense than ones made from a mix, work best in these pans.

This product listing on Amazon has more pictures, including what the finished cake will look like: Checker Board 3 Layer Cake Pan Set

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