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Wolf Den Meeting Plan: Council Fire

This Wolf den meeting plan covers the requirements for the Council Fire adventure. The focus of this meeting is all about flag etiquette and service!

Wolf Den Meeting Plan – Council Fire

Do items in any order which works best for your group and your meeting place.


For this meeting, you could just have some markers and a flag coloring page for each Wolf. Or if you have a little more time, make Flag Safety Pins.


Make Red White and Blue Parfaits. In a small clear cup, layer vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries. Substitute other red and “blue” fruits if you like.


Adventure requirement 1:  With your den or pack, participate in a flag ceremony, and learn how to properly care for and fold the flag.

You can check out my instructions for a simple opening flag ceremony , simple closing flag ceremony, and for flag folding. I recommend that you do your “practice” at a meeting and then arrange to lead the flag ceremony at the next pack meeting. That will give your Wolves a chance to show off their new knowledge of flag etiquette.

If you are away from your regular meeting place (because of the service project), you should still be able to do this. If necessary, ask your service project site if they can provide a space for you. Most sites will be happy to do this for you. If this is really impossible, do this part before you carpool away to your service site.

Alternatively –

Your service project can be a simple flag retirement ceremony. In this case you are meshing requirements 1 and 2 together. This option will require you to collect one or more flags to be retired. With Wolves I would not retire more than a handful of flags. This can be a very meaningful service project for them though.

Adventure requirement 2:  Participate in a community service project with your pack, den, or family.

There are a lot of different possibilities for a service project. See this post about age appropriate service projects for Tigers. Many of these would word for Wolves also. You can do something for your chartered organization or elsewhere. Or do a flag retirement ceremony as I suggested above.

Adventure requirement 6: Work with your den to develop a den duty chart, and perform these tasks for one month.

So this is just a chart of who will be doing what den chores for the next month. Mostly this will be tied to your next meeting or meetings. So you can add things like bring snack, bring drink, lead Pledge of Allegiance, Den Leader’s helper (little jobs at the meeting like passing out supplies), cheerleader (compliment every member of the den during the meeting), help clean up, etc. These will be a little dependent on what is going on at the meeting. You can even have a person assigned to call everyone before the meeting to remind them what their job is. 🙂

Put the jobs on a chart and assign a den member to each job.


Add a game for fun.  If you want to continue with the flag theme, play Capture the Flag (not with a US flag of course!)

Character Compass

Remember to tie in your activities with the Scout Law.

A Scout is Loyal. Wolves are learning to be loyal to our country by learning how to respect the flag.

A Scout is Helpful and A Scout is Kind. Through service projects we help each other out and show kindness to others.


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