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Is It OK to Plan Events for Cub Scouts Than They Won’t Get Awards for but Will Still Enjoy?

Sara asked this question:

I’m trying to gain advice. We have only about 8 female Cub between the grades of 1-5. I’m fairly certain that even after recruitment we will still have ot at least be divided 1-2, 3-4, and 5. If we have any lions we will work that out, Last year, we had all ranks working together since its not much fun with only 1-2 per rank. They all met requirements and are returning this fall. I’m planning the calendar, and to stick within the program electives and try to work them mostly together is pretty difficult. I know they can’t get awards for activities outside of the scout program, but can we dedicate meetings for stuff other than electives? My plans have every girl getting at least 1 beltloop each month so they will still meet rank requirements. But the younger scouts loved building stuff with the bears, the bears loved the fire station with the tigers, etc.. Many of the girls are there BECAUSE they don’t like arts and crafts or even STEM, and sadly there are still alot of electives that have that. They are there for the outdoor program and fire and the other “boy” stuff. Is this too far out there to plan activities that they wont get awards for but will still enjoy?

Sara, thanks for being a Cub Scout den leader! My short answer is YES! Go ahead and plan fun activities even if they don’t get to check off a requirement for it.

While advancement is an important part of the Cub Scout program, so is participating in fun group activities. Cub Scout learn social skills, try new things, and have fun together. So if they are having fun and enjoying the program, you are doing a great job!

In a mixed den, parents might need to help out a little more with advancement and do some of the requirements at home. Parents are allowed to do some of the requirements in a family setting and report to you that the Cub Scout completed it. If you focus on the things the Cub Scouts enjoy doing together and do the requirements which lend themselves to a group setting, your den will advance and will keep coming back for more.

Scouters, what do you think? Add your comments below.


3 responses to “Is It OK to Plan Events for Cub Scouts Than They Won’t Get Awards for but Will Still Enjoy?”

  1. Quinn McDermott Avatar
    Quinn McDermott

    During my time as a scout before I became an Eagle Scout, I served as my troops Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, I know the importance of hosting scouting events where scouts can earn merit badge requirements, I also do believe that there should be more events that have different and creative goals aside from only merit badge oriented programs.

  2. Quinn McDermott Avatar
    Quinn McDermott

    I do think that boy’s and girls den packs should be combined if it is wanted. There are certainly more benefits to having both dens combined, such as increased socialization and cooperation. However, this interaction shouldn’t be forced because then this interaction would stop being beneficial. A small girl’s den to begin with is not a problem, it is most important to prioritize the comfort level of both the boys and the girls.

    1. Quinn McDermott Avatar
      Quinn McDermott

      Sorry I just wanted to add that I have my own blog address, which I have now added.

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