Hoo-rag Bandanas, Headbands, and Masks

Hoo rag bandanas headbands and Masks Product Review

Hoo-rag recently sent me some free products to review. They sent me some bandanas, a headband, a couple of masks, and more. So here is my review and thoughts about the best way to use these.

First the bandanas. I loved the beautiful floral print, which you can see in the image above. They also sent a faded “stars and stripes” one which my husband tried out. And they have kid’s sizes. I gave the smaller kids one to one of my Cub Scouts and he loved it.

The bandanas are a very lightweight material. They can be worn in a number of ways – sun protection, biking, camouflage, face mask, neck gaiter, scarf, and more. The video below shows all sorts of options.

I like wearing it as a face covering when I am riding my bike. It works great for sun protection and for keeping the bugs out of my mouth.

I found it too thin to wear as a face mask. I like a few more layers. But my husband likes a thinner face mask and he found it very comfortable and a good option. Plus it looks better than most face masks. So I think that depends on whether you like a really lightweight mask or not. People who prefer a thin mask will like it for that purpose.

I also tried it out when I was walking on a chilly morning. Temperatures were in the 40s and the weather was misty and breezy. I found it kept the chill off my face without feeling like I was all bundled up.

So these are just a few of the ways I tried it out. I will probably come up with more uses over time.

I like the headband also. It is also in a pretty floral print and basically a shorter version of the bandana. I like it for keeping my ears warm on a cool morning walk. I also used it for comfort and warmth under my bike helmet. The material is a nice weight and not too bulky. And I think it will work well as a sweatband when the weather warms up.

The masks were the type of mask I like to wear – several layers of protection. They sent me one adult mask and one child size, which I gave to one of the Cub Scouts. The inner layers are cotton and the outside layer is a lightweight polyester. They have a lot of patterns available. Even though it is multi layer I found it very easy to breathe through. They were very comfortable. The only downside was that the earloops were not adjustable. The adult mask fit me fine though and had a lot of stretch in in, so I think it would work for the majority of people.

They also sent me a sticker and a floaty key-chain. I have not had the opportunity to try the key chain yet, but I think it will be great for when we are out kayaking. Loosing the keys or other small items in the water is always a concern.

Overall, I found these products to be well made, useful, and fashionable. Readers, have you tried any of these? If so, feel free to leave your comments below.

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