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Swing! Cub Scout Nova Award (Engineering) Helps and Documents

Note: The Nova program is administered at the Council level. Check with your local council about availability before starting on a Nova award.

About the Swing! Cub Scout Nova Award

The Swing! Cub Scout Nova Award offers scouts an exciting opportunity to delve into the world of engineering and simple machines, specifically levers, and their influence on daily life. Through engaging activities and exploration, scouts gain a deeper understanding of the principles behind motion and machines.

Cub Scout Nova Emblem

Scouts have the flexibility to choose from various options, including watching shows, reading articles, or a combination of both, related to motion or machines. This encourages scouts to ask questions and discuss ideas, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Completing adventures such as Paws of Skill, Baloo the Builder, or Engineer, or options like dissecting old household items or participating in sports and identifying levers used, allows scouts to apply their knowledge in practical ways. They explore the role of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in these activities, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and scientific inquiry skills.

Exploring levers in detail, scouts learn about the three types of levers, how they work, and their practical applications. They design various projects incorporating levers, such as playground fixtures, games, or inventions, and discuss their findings with their counselor, promoting communication and collaboration skills.

Visiting places where levers are utilized, such as playgrounds, carpentry shops, or construction sites, provides scouts with real-world examples and hands-on experiences. They discuss the equipment and tools that employ levers, further deepening their understanding of how engineering and simple machines impact everyday life.

By reflecting on how engineering and simple machines affect their daily lives, scouts develop a greater appreciation for STEM concepts and their relevance. The Swing! Nova Award equips scouts with valuable knowledge and skills, fostering a lifelong interest in engineering and exploration.

This Swing! Cub Scout Nova Award can be earned by Wolves, Bears, or Webelos.


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