Crew Activity – City Museum

The Crew is planning another activity this month. They are all going to church together and then they are heading to the City Museum. The City Museum is often described as a giant playground for teenagers and young adults, so this should be a fun activity for them.

I advised the Crew member who is organizing the activity to find out about Scout pricing. He came back to me and said we couldn’t get it because the website said we needed proof that we are a Scout group. This made me chuckle. I reminded him that we are a Scout group and if he calls them up and gets more information, I’m sure I can come up with whatever proof or document he needs.

This is part of the fun of being a Crew Adviser. To a 14 or 15 year old, organizing an event like this and calling up people they don’t know for information is a completely foreign concept. But it is great real world practice for them. I really enjoy seeing them learn how to make their ideas happen.

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