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Many Cub Scout adventures can be used to complement your child’s school curriculum. Here are a few Cub Scout achievements which emphasize mathematics.

Code of the Wolf (Wolves) – This adventure is all about numbers and math. There are requirements which involve games and counting and keeping score. Cub Scouts also can make a rekenrek to explore mathematics in a hands on format. There is an exploration of shapes, counting, graphing, and calculating. There are counting activities. And there are some secret code requirements, including making a secret code using numbers.

1-2-3 Go! (Mathematics Nova Award for Wolves, Bears, and Webelos) : This supplemental Cub Scout award is also very mathematics focused. Cub Scouts watch a video related to mathematics or read something related to mathematics and then discuss what they have learned. They also do a probability experiment and some simple calculations. They learn about secret codes and how they relate to mathematics. And they explore career options for mathematicians.

Tigerrific! (Tigers) – One of the requirements for this adventure is to play a board game. Games which involve counting, numbers, and sequences. Some suggestions for Tiger aged youth:

Adventures in Coins (Wolves) – For this adventure, Wolves create a board game which involves adding and subtracting.

Pick My Path (Lions) – For this adventure, Lions teach another person a board game. Some of the games listed above would also be appropriate for this.

Readers, what are your ideas for combining mathematics and Cub Scouting? Add them to the comments below.

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