Bear Necessities

Bear Den Meeting Plan: Bear Necessities

This Bear den meeting plan covers the requirements for the Bear Necessities adventure. The focus of this meeting is all about preparing for an outing. Going on the outing (an outdoor activity, day camp, resident camp or a pack/den camp out) will complete requirement 1 for the adventure. You can use this meeting to prepare for your specific activity.

Bear Den Meeting Plan: Bear Necessities

Do items in any order which works best for your group and your meeting place.


If there is time, make a barometer together. HooplaKidzLab has a good video.


Make trail mix. I have recipes for Sunflower Seed Trail Mix and Scouter Mom’s Favorite Trail Mix. But it’s not hard to come up with your own ingredients too.


Adventure requirement 2: Make a list of items you should take along on the activity selected in requirement 1.

This depends on what type of activity you are doing for requirement 1. You will definitely want to consider the Outdoor Essentials for Cub Scouts. If you are going camping, you will also need things like multiple sets of clothes. See my Camping Packing List for ideas.  So you will need to tailor this to your activity.

Adventure requirement 3:  Make a list of equipment that the group should bring along in addition to each Scout’s personal gear for the activity
selected in requirement 1.

Obviously this depends on what you are doing for requirement 1. If you are going on a hike, then you aren’t going to need much. A pack first aid kit, some way to pack out your trash, etc. But if you are going camping, you will need cooking equipment, dish washing supplies, and other items. If you are not sure what to pack for your campout, consider inviting a Scout from your local troop to come to your meeting and explain what the troop usually takes.

Adventure requirement 4: Help set up a tent. Determine a good spot for the tent, and explain to your den leader why you picked it

Even if you are going camping for requirement 1, it is a good idea to practice with the tents beforehand. If you are not going camping, you can fulfill this requirement at your meeting. As a den leader, if you are not familiar with the tent, practice before the meeting.  As for location, some things to consider are

  • Don’t pitch it in a ditch where you will end up in a puddle of water if it rains.
  • You also don’t want rocks sticking you in the back. A level surface is best.
  • You need a location which will allow enough space between tents. You need to be able to walk around without tripping on tent stakes.
  • Look up! Don’t pitch your tent under a tree with large dead branches which might fall on you in a wind storm.
  • Use an existing site if possible. Camping does some wear and tear on the environment. There is no need to stress a second location if there is already an existing site.

There might be other considerations based on where you are doing this.


At this point the Bears will be ready for a game. I suggest something active. Go outside and run around. See my games page for some ideas.

Character Compass

Remember to tie in your activities with the Scout Law.

A Scout is Cheerful. Learning a new skill can be difficult. Stay cheerful even if you run into obstacles.

A Scout is Courteous. Consider others when you are selecting your campsite. How will your choice affect those around you?

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