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Careers in Video Game Design

This guest post was contributed by Jackie Edwards, a freelance technology editor and writer. 

Making Games – Jobs For Creative Scouts

Being outdoors is one of the best ways to have fun, right? Being a scout is a great way of getting into the outdoors and learning important skills. Whilst this is true, you’ll probably have played video games, too. In fact, 1 in 3 gamers are under 18 years old. Video games are an awesome way to head to another world. Favorites like Minecraft can let you build amazing, Lego-like worlds easily.

So, if you love games – have you considered one day being a video game designer? If you’ve got a big imagination, or if you’re good at solving problems, it could be a great job for you! Many video games have been written by young people, such as David Brabe, who created a video game as a teenager. There’s a few things you’ll need, but mostly your creativity and a can-do attitude to work – which you’ll learn from being scout anyway.

Going To College

One of the best ways you can get yourself a job making video games is by going to college. There are lots of places to teach you, including video game design colleges. College can be tough but it’s very fulfilling. To get to there, you need to work hard through school, but the college experience is fun and is great for helping you be creative and learn skills.

You can also design games in your spare time and put them on the web for other people to download and play.

What Are You Good At? 

Do you have lots of fun drawing or painting? Or maybe you have a musical instrument you love to play? Maybe you’re very good at problem solving, or enjoy Math problems? You’ll have spent time trying out many of these things as a scout, but have you taken a shine to any one?

All of these things are great skills to have if you want to make video games. Video games are not just made by people good at computers, though they are important. The people making games need people to draw the designs, and to make the music, and to do the computer coding behind every game.

Handy Tools

If you’re interested, there’s lots of ways you can start practicing. The best way to one a day make games for your job is to start now! That’s right, get creative and try and make your own games. They don’t even have to be on the computer – just think up challenging and fun things to play.

There are lots of helpful tools and apps on iPads and phones that you can use, too, with your parent’s permission. These are angled towards kids, too, showing that anyone can start designing games.

Have An Open Mind

If you’d like to make video games, you’ll want to have all your friends try them out and one day, people on the web. If you want to make fun games, make sure you listen to your friends and family and their suggestions. What might be fun for you isn’t for other people! If you’re open to changes and suggestions you may well make a seriously good video game that everyone can enjoy.

Video game design is a fun and exciting job with lots of chances around the world to show your creative side and let everyone experience your ideas. Plus, a lot of what you need to be a games designer is the same as what you need to be a good scout. Why not look at your options and what you can offer?

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