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BSA Hornaday Award Program – Hornaday Awards for Venturers

This is the fifth and final article in a series about the BSA Hornaday Award Program. In this segment, the Hornaday award requirements for Venturers are described.

Previous articles in this series:

BSA Hornaday Award Program -Hornaday Awards for Venturers

Hornaday Awards for Venturers are designed to provide requirements for youth who cannot or did not earn the merit badges required under the Boy Scout program.  Of course if a male youth did earn all the required merit badges then he does not have to use the alternate Venturing requirements. The alternate Boy Scout merit badge requirement for the Venturing Hornaday Badge is to earn the Ranger Conservation core requirement.

The alternate Boy Scout merit badge requirements for the Venturing Silver or Bronze Medal includes earning the Ranger Ecology and Plant & Wildlife electives and the Ranger Conservation core requirement.  The complete requirements for Venturers can be viewed on the BSA website under How Applications Are Judged. In addition to the required project documentation, as outlined above, Venturers are expected to provide additional information on:

  • The research performed in connection with the conservation projects undertaken. The relevant research must be cited at the appropriate location in the conservation project documentation. A bibliography must be provided that lists sources cited. The bibliography must be formatted according to established standards.
  • The applicant’s entire Hornaday effort. This evaluation, included in the application in a separate section, should contain information on alternatives considered for each project and an explanation of why each specific conservation project was selected, procedures used, processes used, staffing levels used, funding requirements, and so on.
  • The lessons learned. Included in the report in a separate section, this details what the applicant, in hindsight, would do differently on each project. The section should include recommended changes in project selection; procedures, processes, and staffing levels used; funding requirements; and evaluations of project effectiveness over time.
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