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SCOUT Water Safety Chant

Summer is here and that means it is time for lots of aquatics activities! Cub Scouts can be so eager to get in the water and have some fun that it is difficult to get them to listen to the rules. The new Cub Scout program introduces the SCOUT water safety chant. This helps younger Scouts learn the rules for safe aquatics activities.

Like many parts of the new Cub Scout program, I appreciate this approach because it presents the material in a simple format that young boys can absorb and understand. It emphasizes the important points of adult supervision, safe area, buddies, and paying attention to the rules.  

You might find it helpful to make a large poster to help them with the chant. They could do the whole thing together or you could have different buddy pairs do each line. If you see some of them are not following the rules during the activity, have them come in and do the chant again.  There are more suggestions for teaching and using the chant in the handbooks and the den leader guides.

This isn’t a substitute for Safe Swim Defense or Safety Afloat. You will still need adults trained in these areas to carry out your swimming and boating activities. The chant is just to help the youth understand the most basic rules.

SCOUT Water Safety Chant

S is Someone’s watching.
Never swim alone.

C is Check the rules.
Know where you can roam.

O is Only buddies
should go far from the shore.

U is know what “U” can do
Don’t do any more.

T is Tell a grown-up
if someone’s in need.

SCOUT shows safety
Now you take the lead.

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  1. Paul August 14, 2015 at 8:36 PM #

    Thanks a lot! Headed for our Floats and Boats belt loops this Sunday!!

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