Den Job Chart

Cub Scouts love to help out at den meetings! A den job chart will help you spread the jobs around and keep track of which den members have already been assigned specific jobs.  Your Cub Scouts will want an opportunity to do each job. Ideally each member of your den would have at least one job at every meeting.

The chart below is an example. Put the meeting date at the top of the column. Then put the name or initials of the Cub Scout who will be doing the job in the appropriate cell. There are some blank lines to add other jobs for your den.

You can also just use this chart as an example. It is easy to create a chart in a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

Use the Print or PDF buttons below to open a version you can print from your browser or a PDF file you can save for later.

Color Guard
Color Guard
Lead opening flag ceremony
Lead closing flag ceremony
Bring snack
Bring drink
Meeting helper (help hand out supplies, etc.)
Cheerleader (promote positive attitude during meeting)
Lead oath and law

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  1. D3 April 13, 2015 at 2:08 PM #

    I love this template ! It’s so much better planning ahead rather than the usual, “Hey _________ , go lead Flag tonight.”

    Thanks for the great idea

    – D3

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