Environment Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

BSA provides the troop program feature guides as a resource for Boy Scout troops. A PLC can use these guides to plan a series of meetings and outings around a single theme. My post Troop Program Features for Meetings and Outings has  more information about these guides.

The plans for the Environment troop program feature can be found in  Volume 2  of Troop Program Features from BSA:

In this program feature we will aim to explain the “web of life” and show Scouts how they can do their part to help preserve it. Troop meeting activities will cover some of the strands of the web of life. In the process, Scouts will learn more about wildlife, trees, plants, rocks, and soil. Patrols can do some ecology projects that will enhance their understanding of the web.

The focus of this program feature is on the interdependence of living things. Younger Scouts will work on cooking, nature, camping, and a few other requirements. Experienced Scouts will work on the Camping Merit Badge and Environmental Science Merit Badge. Other merit badges which fit this theme include Cooking,  Hiking,  Backpacking,  Wilderness Survival,  Insect Study,  Reptile and Amphibian Study,  Soil and Water Conservation, and  Mammal Study  merit badges.

The big feature for the program theme is an exploration trek where Scouts make observations about climate, geology, animals, soil, and plants.

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