Business Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

BSA has a set of troop programs which can help PLCs plan activities around a theme. This business program feature offers the opportunity to plan a month’s worth of troop activities with business theme.

The plans for the Business troop program feature can be found in Volume 1 of Troop Program Features from BSA:

In a few years, the Scouts in your troop will have the right to vote, own property, and sign contracts. Introduce them to the responsibilities they will have as adults in dealing with their business affairs. They will also learn something about how businesses operate in our society.

Business Program

Younger scouts can work on their early rank requirements, including patrol identity and citizenship. Older scouts can work on the American BusinessAmerican Labor,  EntrepreneurshipSalesmanship,   Citizenship in the Community, or Citizenship in the Nation merit badges..

The featured activity for this month is a trip to a local business. See the program feature for details.

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