Getting Teens to Sign Up for Venturing

Our Crew has been trying to recruit lately. The problem they are having is they talk to Bob and he isn’t sure he wants to go unless Tim and Amy are going. They talk to Tim and Amy and they are wondering who else will be there. And on and on…

Then there are the dues. We charge $30. $15 of that covers the BSA registration and the other $15 lets us have a small budget for the Crew, which is also our church youth group. The parents are reluctant to pay the dues. They don’t know if the kids will like the group. What if they only come to a couple of activities? Are their friends joining? We’ve already said that they can come to one meeting and one activity and see if they like it before they pay, but the parents are still unsure.

How do we get beyond these barriers? Our youth members are doing their best efforts to contact these kids and get them in, and they seem interested. But they just can’t seem to commit by signing up.

Case in point – our council is having a ski night for Venturers in a couple of weeks. I need to register the kids by Dec 27 to get the really good group rates.  About half a dozen of the teens they are trying to recruit in say they want to go. But they won’t send in their money until they know which of their friends has already signed up. It is the same with registering them as Venturers, which they must do to participate in this event. Who else has registered so far? It is like a game of chicken!

I am going to contact the Crew officers to see if they want to contact the ones who said they wanted to go skiing one more time before the deadline.  The officers are getting frustrated though. They have really been trying to recruit for several months now and still haven’t been able to get one new member.

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