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The BSA Online Training Center at offers more than just youth protection courses. One of the courses I took a couple of years ago was the Weather Hazards course.  While much of the information in the course was stuff I already knew and some of it didn’t seem to apply to our area (we don’t worry too much about hurricanes in Missouri) it was worthwhile to review the material.

When we take our Scouts out camping or hiking, we need to be prepared for unexpected changes in the weather. The weather on the first camping trip I went on with my first Webelos den was “not as advertised”.  As a novice camper, there was enough for me to handle without unexpected rain and unseasonably cold weather in late April. I had another Scouter with me who was an experienced camper, so all was fine. Plus the Boy Scout troop was on the other side of the field. But imagine if two inexperienced adults took some Webelos out on a hike and the weather suddenly turned ugly. That could be serious trouble.

Now I have a lot more experience under my belt and I am very comfortable and confident when I go hiking or camping. But a lot of that experience came through training. Getting the right training will help you know how to cope with unexpected situations and to see when it is time to bug out on an outing. And no matter how much experience you have, remember not to be too confident in your skills. If you have any doubts at all, call it off or turn around and go back.

So I recommend the Weather Hazards course at the Online Training Center. It is long – maybe a couple of hours – but you can do part of it and then pick up later where you left off. And even though this training doesn’t expire, I’ll probably go through the relevant sections again sometime soon.

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  1. ScouterAdam December 9, 2010 at 9:57 AM #

    Thanks for the great article. I just sent it to my Tiger Den Leaders who are planning an outing. They are all certified in Wilderness First Aid and one is even a Physican’s Asst so, I am not worried about them. But for paperwork with the BSA, its a great training. I know that others who are not at this level will greatly appreciate this training. When I took it, I learned a few things where I thought I knew it all.

  2. Michael May 26, 2011 at 12:38 PM #

    In BSA, courses are constantly being refreshed and revised. As you said in your blog, even though you take many courses two years ago, changes and more information is available for scout leaders. I recommend every take every course to be thoroughly versed in scouting to answer parent questions, if nothing else. I’m trying to get experienced leaders to Round Tables to share their tips & tricks on any particular course so that newer, younger leaders can benefit beyond the online or structured training events.

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