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Sandi asked this question:

Ecology Elective requirement 3 — Does the Venturer and other scouts go on the field trips or just plan them? Requirement 5 states the use of req 3 and 4 so that they may learn by doing but doesn’t state that the field trip is actually carried out.

For requirements, the Scout must do the requirement as written. The Advisor, consultant, merit badge counselor, etc interprets those requirements to the best of their ability to ensure that the Scout fulfills them. They may not add to or subtract from the requirement.

This is why is is important for the Scout to meet with the advisor, consultant, merit badge counselor, etc before starting work. So they can talk about the requirements and understand exactly what is expected of them.

You are correct. The requirements for the Ecology elective are less than crystal clear. So the advisor or consultant must determine what the intent is.  From my perspective, since the requirement includes obtaining trip permits, etc. and requirement 5 states that they are expected to learn by doing then the intent is to actually carry out the trip. However, somebody else might think the learning is in the planning.

You can always contact your district advancement chair or your local council to see if they can help. I find that usually sitting down with the Scout and discussing the requirements often helps also.  Chances are that if a Scout has chosen to work on the Ecology elective it is because they really want to learn more about the subject. And field trips are an excellent way to do that.

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