Crew Activities – Skiing

At our Crew meeting this past Sunday, the focus was on skiing. Our council is having a ski night for Venturers at a local ski resort in January. The original plan had been to have a guest speaker come in and give some skiing tips. He couldn’t make it at the last minute, so our Crew president made a presentation instead.

There is only one ski resort in our area of Missouri and they have to make their own snow.  So it is not surprising that many of the Crew members have not skied before, so the presentation was to give some basics. Our president started off with some tips on how to dress. She talked about how the boots should fit. She had a pair of skis with her so she could show them how to put them on, how to orient them to slow down, etc. She also talked about getting on and off of a ski lift.

It was a good meeting. Hopefully they will be better prepared for the ski adventure next month. The complete meeting agenda is below. We met right after 11AM services at our church, so we started with lunch. We’ve found that the members really like incorporating their Sunday church attendance, lunch, and the meeting.

December Crew Meeting

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