Fire Trucks

Visiting a Firehouse or Police Station

Visiting a firehouse or police station with Cub Scouts¬†is always a lot of fun. I haven’t met a first grade boy yet who doesn’t want to see a fire truck or police car up close.

I’ve been on this with all of my kids as Tigers. JD, DS, and LC all did a fire station visit. They got to see the dispatch center and where the firemen slept and ate when on duty. The high point for each visit was the up close look at the fire trucks. They loved seeing all of the gadgets and having each explained to them.

With ZM’s den, we went to the local police station. That was also fun. The police officer who gave the tour was very patient with all of their questions. (“Have you ever shot anyone?”, “Can I hold your gun”, “How many times each day do you draw your gun?”, etc.) She couldn’t take us to the holding cell because they had somebody in there. Otherwise she would have locked them up. They loved seeing her police car. At the very end she turned on all of the lights and sirens for them. They talked about it for days.

So if you haven’t done this requirement with your Tigers yet, schedule a visit right away. Hopefully your local police station or fire station will have somebody on staff who enjoys giving tours to a group of eager young boys.


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