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Webelos Fitness Activity Badge and Food Choices

Reader Carol sent in this question:

I got on your website several weeks ago and followed a link to a website that had the idea of building a food pyramid on a piece of poster board and filling it in with colored flashcards of healthy and unhealthy food choices. I came on your site today and can’t find the link. Can you direct me to this website again?

Thanks for the question. I am not sure which web article you are looking for, but here are some links which might help with the food choices and menu planning requirements for the Webelos Fitness Activity Badge :

Build Your Own Food Pyramid : Cub Scouts take pictures from magazines and place them on a food pyramid according to what food group they are in. You could use the newer “My Plate” concept instead of the pyramid if you like.

Food Pyramid Go Fish : This article includes a set of printable cards which can be used to play a “Go Fish” style game based on food groups. The cards could also be used as Carol described above to place the card on the appropriate food group.

Printable Materials from the USDA : This page has a list of printables related to nutrition. The MyPlate Mini-Poster will be helpful if you want to use the newer “Choose My Plate” graphic.

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