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Athletics Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

The Boy Scout Planning Guide suggests a  Athletics Troop Program Feature for October 2013.  This athletics program feature offers the opportunity to plan a month’s worth of troop activities with an athletics theme.

The plans for the Athletics troop program feature can be found in  Volume 1 of Troop Program Features from BSA:

Physical fitness has always been one of the aims of the Boy Scouts of America, so this program feature is right on target. Our objective in athletics is not to produce super athletes but to promote fitness; to encourage Scouts to make steady improvement in strength, coordination, and agility; and, of course, to have fun.

Athletics Program

Younger scouts can work on their early rank requirements, including fitness, health, and conditioning.  Older scouts can earn the Athletics Merit Badge . Other badge possibilities include Cycling Merit BadgeHiking Merit BadgeSkating Merit BadgeSports Merit Badge, and Swimming Merit Badge.

The featured activity for this month is an athletics field day. This might be a fun event to invite some Webelos to.  See the program feature for details.

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