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Aquatics Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

This aquatics program feature offers the opportunity to learn more about swimming and boating.

The plans for the Aquatics troop program feature can be found in  Volume 1 of Troop Program Features from BSA:

In any camp where a waterfront is within a half-mile, Scouts will gravitate there like bees to honey. Most Scouts like nothing better than a swimming session or a couple of hours in canoes or boats. In this program feature we will capitalize on that interest by providing a month of fun and, at the same time, encouraging the boys to become stronger swimmers and better boaters and canoeists.

Aquatics Program

Younger scouts can work on their early rank requirements, including physical fitness, boating safety, and swimming safety and skills.  Older scouts can earn the Swimming Merit Badge and other aquatics badges such as CanoeingKayakingLifesavingRowing, and Small-Boat Sailing.

The featured activity for this month is a water show or a boating expedition. See the program features Volume 1 for more details.

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