The Legend of Pecos Bill

Here is some information about Pecos Bill written at a Cub Scout reading level.

After they read the story, take some time to talk about how tall tales incorporated real ideas – like Death Valley being below sea level. People enjoying the tales knew they weren’t true, but they were a fun way to look at the world.

The Legend of Pecos Bill

Pecos Bill was born in Texas in the 1830’s. When he was a baby, his family was travelling in a covered wagon and Pecos Bill fell out. Nobody noticed. Luckily, a group of coyotes found him and raised him. This happened near the Pecos River, which is how he got his name.

Pecos Bill had a wife named Slue Foot Sue. She rode down the Rio Grande River on the back of a catfish. While Pecos Bill was courting her, he shot all of the stars out of the sky except one, the Lone Star. To this day, Texas is known as the Lone Star State.

Pecos Bill was a cowboy and he could ride even the wildest horses. In fact, he even rode a tornado once. He rode it for days. Then he finally fell off. He made a dent in the ground so big that the land fell below sea level. Now that place is known as Death Valley. And after that, other cowboys wanted to try some wild riding. And that is how the rodeo got started.

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