Trust Award Requirement 3 - Understanding other Cultures

Learn about the culture you most identify with. Talk to relatives or other knowledgeable individuals to learn about your family history, cultural identity, and family identity.

Attend two cultural events (each of these events should represent a different culture and should highlight the history and uniqueness of that culture). Supplement the information you learned at the events with research on the culture in today’s global society. Compare these two events and their cultures with your own culture. Report on your findings to your crew or another youth organization.

Invite an adult and a youth from another culture to speak to your crew about their culture. Alternately, interview two people who were born outside the United States who have immigrated to your community or a nearby one (foreign exchange students may also fulfill this role). In either case, discuss with them why they decided to come to the United States and to your community. Discuss the differences in community between where they live now and where they lived before they emigrated. (For Venturers living outside the United States, modify this requirement for the country in which you reside. For example, a Venturer living in Japan would interview someone not of Japanese origins who immigrated to Japan.)

Complete one of the following: a. Take (and successfully pass) a course that includes study of cultural diversity. b. Research and present your findings about an inter-religious/ intercultural conflict affecting the world in historical or current times. Include how the conflict started and ended (if not an ongoing conflict). Explore both causes and effects of the conflict, including those in the current day. Include general information about all the cultures and religions involved in the conflict. c. Research a cultural group (other than your own) that has had an impact on the U.S. melting pot. When did they begin to arrive? In what ways have they had an influence on the United States? On your community? Where have they settled (primarily); why? Report on your findings to your crew or youth group. d. Meet with your council Scoutreach/urban/rural executive to learn which Scoutreach programs are being used in your area and why. Learn about BSA resources designed for specific, cultural groups, and how they may differ from the resources you are familiar with.

Trust award

Venturing TRUST Award

The TRUST award is the religious and community life award for Venturers. A young man or woman can earn this award by learning more about faith and service.

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