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Venturing Silver Award

  • Participate in at least two ethical controversies activities from chapter 9 of the Venturing Leader Manual. These activities are scenarios that will put you and those who do the activities with you into challenging, problem-solving situations. In a constructive way, these activities will help you develop the following personal skills: Promoting productive conflict resolution Polite disagreement Listening to new ideas Understanding other people’s perspectives Working toward a solution that the group involved will support and implement
  • Either organize and lead, or help organize and lead, an ethics forum for your crew, another crew, school class, or other youth group. An ethics forum is simply another, more formal, way of gathering information about ethics. You will invite two or more adults to form a panel for your crew or group to ask questions about ethics in their personal or professional lives. You can even invite adults related to your crew’s specialty; if you are in a sports crew, you could invite a sports doctor, a coach, and a professional athlete. You can even invite guests such as family members and friends to join you. You can even use the information gathered from the ethics forum to develop your own ethical controversies activities.

Helps and Requirements for the Venturing Silver Award

The purpose of the Silver Award is to provide a pathway for personal development, to encourage young men and women who are Venturers to learn, grow, and serve.

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