Venturing Archives: Silver Award Requirement 4 - Leadership

Venturing Silver Award

  • Successfully complete the Venturing Leadership Skills Course
  • Successfully serve for at least six months in an elected or appointed crew, district, or council leadership position. Since leadership is a form of service to others, don’t be afraid to ask your followers, those you serve, how you are doing. If you don’t have an occasional assessment of your progress, you might not improve. Learn to value the opinion of others. This must be in addition to the leadership requirement in the Venturing Gold Award.

Helps and Requirements for the Venturing Silver Award

The purpose of the Silver Award is to provide a pathway for personal development, to encourage young men and women who are Venturers to learn, grow, and serve.

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Venture Crew Officers

The leadership structure in a Venture Crew is much different than in a Boy Scout Troop. Venturing offices are President, Vice President – Administration, Vice President – Program, Secretary, and Treasurer.

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