Venturing Archives: Quest Award Requirement 5 - Sports Disciplines

Choose a sport from the list below or another sport approved by your Advisor.)
1. Develop a profile of a typical athlete in your chosen sport, listing skills and attributes necessary to be proficient. Examples: hand-eye coordination, running speed, quick responses, heavy/light weight, tall/short.
2. Equipment and facilities
a. Develop a list of equipment and facilities necessary for your chosen sport:
Personal equipment such as mouthpiece, helmet, or earplugs
Team equipment such foils, shooting jacket, or weights
Team or sponsor supplies or facilities such as targets, ammunition, playing courts, or rivers
b. Discuss the relative importance equipment plays toward your success in that sport. (Certain sports are equipment-intensive, such as bobsled and luge.)
c. Tell how equipment for this sport has improved or changed over time.
3. Participate and show proficiency in a sport of your choice.
4. For your chosen sport, give a sports clinic to a Cub Scout pack or den, Boy Scout troop, or other youth group. Include a demonstration and skills teaching. You can even include competition when possible.

Venturing Quest Award

Venturing Quest Award

Venturing is all about letting teens explore what interests them and achieving the aims of Scouting at the same time. The Quest award provides recognition for Venturers who pursue an interest in sports.

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BSA Methods – Teaching Others

The methods of Scouting are the ways that Scouting’s aims of developing character, citizenship, and fitness in youth are achieved. One of the methods for Venturers is “teaching others”. Teaching others is the best way to really acquire deep knowledge of an area. By sharing their skills with others, Venturers retain their knowledge better and […]

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