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CampfireThe Science of Fire – The Fire Triangle  Knowledge of fire safety and the fire triangle is an essential outdoor skill. Scouts should understand the science of fire when camping. Understanding the way fire works and what is required to start and sustain a fire not only helps them build fires. It also helps scouts know how to contain fires and put them out.


blister treatmentBlister Treatment - First Aid  Blisters are a common injury for outdoor and physical activities. Correct blister treatment can prevent further irritation. Learn blister first aid.


How the Boy Scout Law Relates to the Ten Commandments   Comparing the 10 Commandments to the Boy Scout Law is an interesting activity for any Boy Scout group.


Mineral Hardness Scale (Mohs’ Hardess Scale Scratch Test)  If your Scout is working on a geology badge, he might need use a mineral hardness scale such as the Mohs's Hardness Scale Scratch Test.


Egg Drop ChallengeEgg Drop Challenge - An Engineering Project  In an egg drop challenge, Scouts try to design a container which can prevent an egg from breaking when dropped. This is an excellent project to get kids interested in science and engineering.


Gardening Ideas for Scouts - Plant a Pizza Garden  Plant a garden based on a pizza theme so you can make pizzas with fresh herbs, tomatoes, and your other favorite ingredients.


TornadoMake a Tornado in a Bottle   Tornadoes are destructive storms are caused by a vortex. You can use the classic “tornado in a bottle” demonstration to explain how a vortex forms.


Another Printable Environmental Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle  This printable environmental science vocabulary puzzle will help your Scouts remember their environmental science terminology.