Safety Troop Program Feature

Safety Troop Program Feature

Having a good experience on a troop campout requires safety practices that prevent accidents. Safety is actually a prevention tool. Performing a project correctly, using the proper tools and procedures, could protect you from serious injury.

If an accident occurs, a Scout should be prepared to deal with the situation and make decisions that will prevent further harm. “Safety first” is a motto that has been used by companies and organizations for years. Make it yours. As you plan your outing this month, take extra care that all safety precautions are covered. While this is a routine part of campout planning, it never hurts to take a good look at each task or project to make sure you really are taking the proper precautions.

Find the complete plans for the Safety Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

First Aid Merit Badge

First Aid Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

Knowing first aid is a basic Boy Scout skill. Even if a Boy Scout doesn’t use his first aid knowledge to save a life someday, at least he will have the skills he needs to take care of common injuries. And that will help him develop independence.

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Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

The Emergency Preparedness merit badge is one of the most useful badges a Boy Scout can earn. You hope you will never need to use the information you learn, but if you do find yourself in an emergency situation, you can make a difference. This badge is all about being prepared for the unexpected.

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Bike Helmet and Water Bottle

Bicycle Helmet Fitting

This month I am focusing on cycling. Helmets are required for all BSA cycling activities. It is important to note that this applies to adults also. Your helmet isn’t going to do you much good if it doesn’t fit correctly. Here are some guidelines.

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Lifesaving Merit Badge

Lifesaving Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

LC earned this last summer. Even though he was a first year Scout, they let him do it because it was our second summer camp for the summer and he had completed Swimming merit badge at the first camp. LC is a good swimmer but is small. The only part he had trouble with was […]

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