Health Care Troop Program Feature

Health Care Troop Program Feature

One of the aims of Boy Scouting is physical and mental fitness. Good health is, of course, a part of fitness. Among the elements required for good health are proper diet, plenty of exercise, and taking good care of the body. If the body is abused by drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, all sorts of problems can develop. This program feature is designed to drive home the lessons of good health.

Scouts have probably already been exposed in school to some education about drugs and alcohol. Reinforce those lessons by making sure Scouts are aware of what drugs, alcohol, and smoking can do to our bodies.

Use the resources available in your community, as well as those from the Boy Scouts of America. All members of the troop should have a copy of a BSA pamphlet titled “Drugs: A Deadly Game.” You can get this pamphlet from your local council.

Find the complete plans for the Health Care Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.


Sports Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

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