Citizenship Troop Program Feature

Citizenship Troop Program Feature

A primary aim of the Boy Scouts of America is to guide youth toward good citizenship. That goal is clearly expressed in the Scout Oath pledges of “duty to God and my country” and “to help other people at all times.” The 12 points of the Scout Law are virtually
a checklist for good citizenship.

The citizenship program feature is designed to heighten a Scout’s appreciation of his rights and duties as a citizen, to make him aware of his heritage as an American, and to acquaint him with the approved ways of displaying and showing respect for the chief symbol of our country – the flag. The suggested troop meeting plans also include elements that apply to related merit badges including Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, American Cultures, and American Heritage.

Find the complete plans for the Citizenship Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge

Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

LC and DS recently completed the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge. They seemed to enjoy this one more than some of the other Eagle required badges. We had taken a trip to Washington DC in the past year, so they had a chance to use some of the places we visited there to help […]

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