Business Troop Program Feature

Business Troop Program Feature

In a few years, the Scouts in your troop will have the right to vote, own property, and sign contracts. Introduce them to the responsibilities they will have as adults in dealing with their business affairs. They will also learn something about how businesses operate in our society.

For one troop meeting, plan a visit to a local business or industry to learn how the free enterprise system works. Make arrangements beforehand to have a guided tour or a meeting with a company official to discuss business. The patrol leaders council might also want to invite a business person to a troop meeting.

Find the complete plans for the Business Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

Entrepreneurship Merit Badge

Entrepreneurship Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

The Entrepreneurship merit badge for Boy Scouts is all about what it takes to start a business. So if you know a Boy Scout who is thinking about starting up a lawn mowing business or some other enterprise, this is the badge for him. Some high schools have students start a small business as part […]

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Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge

Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

LC and DS recently completed the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge. They seemed to enjoy this one more than some of the other Eagle required badges. We had taken a trip to Washington DC in the past year, so they had a chance to use some of the places we visited there to help […]

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American Business Merit Badge

American Business Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

The American Business merit badge can help Scouts understand the history of business in the United States and practical aspects of modern business. If you have a budding entrepreneur in your troop who runs his own lawn care service or summer snow cone stand, then this is the badge for him.

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Salesmanship Merit Badge

Salesmanship Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

If you have Boy Scouts selling popcorn for your unit, show them the requirements for the Salesmanship merit badge. This merit badge is also good for Scouts who have their own business enterprise – like mowing lawns or dog watching.

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