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Whether in a meeting or sitting around a campfire, stories bring us together. They connect us with the past also.

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Santa Sleigh‘Twas the Campout Before Christmas  Kim Gilbert of Pack 533 in Andover, Kansas sent me this take on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas so I could share it with you. Thanks Kim! I'm sure many of the Cub Packs out there will enjoy this.


The Legend of Rip Van Winkle  This shortened version of the tale is appropriate for Bear Scouts working on Bear Achievement 4 – Tall Tales


Webelos Showman Activity Badge Den Meeting   The Showman activity badge offers a lot of choices, so this is less of a step by step den meeting plan and more a set of suggestions.


Radio MicrophoneThe MISS Show Interview  One of the things I like about being a Scouter is getting to meet others who also want to help our youth. I recently got to do that when I was interviewed by Miss Shannon and Miss Liberty on the Moms In Scouting Service (MISS) Show.


The Legend of Pecos Bill  Here is some information about Pecos Bill for Bears working on Bear Achievement 4 - Tall Tales.


Bear Den Meeting Plan - The Past Is Exciting and Important  In Bear Achievement 8 - The Past Is Exciting and Important - Cub Scouts learn about history.


The Legend of Paul Bunyan   The story of the Paul Bunyan at a 3rd grade level - written for use with Cub Scout Bear Achievement 4: Tall Tales


The Legend of Bigfoot  Tall Tales was one of the activities my den enjoyed doing this past year. The only problem I had was finding versions of the tales which were appropriate for their age and reading levels.


Why Opossum Has a Bare Tail  This is a Native American story which scouts of all ages can enjoy. It is also a cautionary tale for young men who like to build huge campfires.


The Legend of The Pony Express  The story of the Pony Express at a 3rd grade level - written for use with Cub Scout Bear Achievement 4: Tall Tales