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Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Have fun Scouting!

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Santa Sleigh‘Twas the Campout Before Christmas  Kim Gilbert of Pack 533 in Andover, Kansas sent me this take on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas so I could share it with you. Thanks Kim! I'm sure many of the Cub Packs out there will enjoy this.


Empty StagePuppet Play - Holmes and Watson Go To Webelos Camp  My Webelos den has been working on their Showman activity badge. For requirement 2, they wrote their own puppet play.


A cheer boxAudience Participation - Stick Out Your Tongue and Touch Your Nose  A few years back we had a Cubmaster who really enjoyed audience participation segments. The cornier the better! This is a classic along those lines. This would also work to help demonstrate the importance of clear communication when giving instructions.


NappingNap on Safely Training  I hope all of you Scouters out there will be able to complete your Nap on Safely training before or during summer camp. The guidelines are listed in this article. (Spoof!)