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Ceremonies are designed to focus a groups attention. They can be solemn or silly.

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Welcoming Webelos to Boy Scout Troop  Aaron sent in this question "I am looking for ways to welcome Webelos into Boy Scouts at Pack Meetings, any ideas? Like a cross over, but not as formal."


Broken Arrow Ceremony for Boys Joining in Webelos  Reader Beth asked "Should I do a Broken Arrow Ceremony for boys who have just come into Scouting in Webelos 1? I did one when the other boys earned the Bear in the Spring, but now I have 3 new boys."


Memorial Day  Today we honor those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. This poem by American author Francis Marion Crawford would make an excellent reading for any Memorial Day ceremony.


Thank You NoteThank You Ceremony  I found this ceremony in some old program helps. I thought it would go well with the Cub Scouts Give Thanks supplemental program theme for April.


Top Hat and CaneMagic Words Ceremony  This is a ceremony from an old roundtable handout. It would fit with the Abracadabra program theme for Cub Scouts or for Cub Scouts working on the Good Manners Belt Loop and Pin. Use it as a closing ceremony.


Shoe Advancement Ceremony  The Cub Scout core value for the month of March is compassion. The pack program helps have opening and closing ceremonies which involve shoes - for walking in another's shoes.


CandleKwanzaa Candle Ceremony for Cub Scouts  This ceremony relates the seven principles of Kwanzaa to the values of Cub Scouting. It goes along well with the December theme of respect also.


The Flag Remembers Christmas  You need to highlight the flag during this ceremony. Put a spotlight on it or have two scouts hold it up, or something like that.


Respect Ourselves, Others, and Our WorldRespect Ceremony for Cub Scouts  The core value for Cub Scouts for the month of December is Respect. This is a simple ceremony which can be used as an opening or a closing for a meeting.


CandleSpirit of Cub Scouting Opening Ceremony  Turning off the lights and lighting candles is a great way to get the attention of the Cub Scouts.


A Simple Flag Retirement Ceremony  When retiring a United Stated flag, some people will say that you must do it this way or that way, but according to the Flag Code, it just needs to be done with dignity.


Raising and Lowering the US Flag  With Memorial Day approaching, it might be time to review how to raise and lower the United States flag. These are some basic rules for raising and lowering the US flag.