Scouting Program Archives: Venturing / Older Scouts

Older Scouts and Venturers require more challenges and adventure to keep the Scouting program engaging for them. They also enjoy games and activities which involve working together and solving problems.

Find ideas to keep your older Scout and Venturing program alive and exciting with some of the articles below.

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Fall Fun Rally | BSA Centennial Year National Venturing Event  This year Fall Fun Rally has been designated the BSA Centennial Year National Venturing Event.


River Rafting with the Venture Crew  Our Crew is going river rafting today on the Huzzah River. The Huzzah is not deep or swift, so we're looking forward to a nice lazy day floating down the river.


Camping at Swift Base  Swift offers weeks of summer camp for Venturers and Explorers. Activities include water skiing, tubing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, rappelling, ropes challenge courses, horseback riding, mountain biking, rifle shooting, and archery.


Recruiting New Crew Members  Recruiting new Crew members presents some challenges. How can we reach youth and get them to try Venturing?


I Can Do That With One Hand Tied Behind My Back Game  The goal of this game is for two Scouts to work together to make a simple lunch. The challenge is that they each have one hand tied behind their back.


Camping With a Coed Venture Crew  Camping with a coed Scouting unit presents its own set of concerns and challenges. It is important to have a clearly defined Code of Conduct beforehand.


Nitro Transport Game  This is an initiative game. Its purpose is to get a group to work together to solve a problem. This should build teamwork and cooperation in the group.


Won't You Smile Game  Won't You Smile is a team-building or icebreaker game suitable for Venturers or Boy Scouts.


Planning with Teenagers  When I was first approached to be the new Advisor for the Venturing Crew, our district executive warned me that teenagers don't usually plan ahead. Boy was he right!