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Tracking Troop Program Feature

Tracking, trailing, and stalking have been popular with Scouts for many years. The highlight activity and troop meeting practice this month will feature all three skills.

Especially in snow country, it’s easy to develop activities related to tracking. Scouts might be asked to follow actual animal tracks for a distance. In the absence of animal tracks, they could follow simulated tracks. In either case, reading the main meaning of the
track is required. Where there is no snow or soft earth, the use of tracking irons or a whifflepoof will make tracking fun possible.

Trailing is following simulated trail signs. The signs may be put in position by one patrol and followed by another.

Stalking is perhaps the most fascinating of these three skills since it pits one Scout against another in a duel of training and wits. Stalking is a great imagination developer because it is a skill related to the hunting of wild game and to survival.

Find the complete plans for the Tracking Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

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