Tiger Den Meeting Plans

Tiger Cub Scout Den Meeting Plans

Use these Tiger Cub Scout den meeting plans to set an agenda for your Tiger Cub Scout den meetings and run your den meetings with confidence.


To find a den meeting plan for a specific badge, go to the Cub Scout – Tiger page. Then select the Tiger achievement or elective you would like to find a meeting plan for.


BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 10 – Making Change and Banking

This meeting plan covers Tiger Elective 50: Banking and Tiger Elective 13: Making Change. The bulk of this meeting involves a field trip to a bank. If you can’t arrange that, the program helps suggest working on some different electives related to money. You could do Tiger Elective 34: Conservation. or Tiger Elective 3: Fun […]

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Fire Trucks

Tiger Den Meeting Plan | Where I Live

This den meeting plan assumes you will be doing your visit to a fire station or police station as a separate activity. So to fill out the meeting for this achievement, I added in the Map and Compass belt loop.

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