Scouting Program Archives: Special Cooking Troop Program Feature

Special Cooking Troop Program Feature

Here is a program feature for a troop that has gone beyond cooking basics. Scouts will learn how to use the Dutch oven and reflector oven and practice cooking with camp stoves, charcoal, and aluminum foil.

If possible, hold troop meetings outdoors where fires are permitted so that you can cook and sample the results. For at least one meeting, use the fuel that will be used to cook your camp banquet, this month’s highlight

The banquet should be just that – a real feast, with each patrol taking pains to prepare a full-course dinner, from soup or salad to dessert. Encourage patrols to tackle special dishes that require a Dutch oven or reflector oven.

Find the complete plans for the Special Cooking Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

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