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Orienteering Troop Program Feature

Finding your way in the woods or on a mountain trek can challenge the abilities of the most experienced outdoorsman. In America’s early days, the frontiersmen who opened the unmapped western lands traveled by highly developed powers of observation and memory. They could read the signs of mountain ridges, rivers, vegetation, wind direction, cloud movements, and the position of the sun, moon, and stars.

Today we have topographic maps and compasses for pathfinders. Being able to read maps, use compasses, and figure heights and widths are the skills needed for orienteering. The sport also requires thought, planning, decision-making, and stamina. As you plan for this program feature, make sure you provide challenges for Scouts of all skill levels.

The highlight this month will be an Outback Weekend. It might be held at the council’s Scout camp or a large park. Plan a weekend of map-and-compass activities that will test Scouts of all skill levels in the troop.

Find the complete plans for the Orienteering Troop Program Feature on the BSA website.

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