Responsibility is fulfilling our duty to God, country, other people, and ourselves.

The October Pack Meeting Tips from BSA remind us “Responsibility is fulfilling our duty to help others and take care of ourselves. It is
behaving safely and appropriately without having to be told.”

Video Games Pin

Video Games Pin for Cub Scouts

I remember a couple of years ago when this recognition was introduced. There was a lot of buzz about an award for video gaming. Hopefully your Cub Scout will learn to use video games responsibly by earning the Video Games pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.

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Bazooka Bubblegum Song

This is one of DS’s favorite scout songs. We hear this one a lot at camp, on hikes, and on hayrides. I’ll warn you that when they start singing this, they tend to sing it over and over and over again. The best I can describe the tune is that it is sort of a […]

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Pet Care Belt Loop

Pet Care Belt Loop for Cub Scouts

If you have a pet, have your Cub Scout check out the Pet Care Belt Loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program. He will have to take care of the pet for two weeks (a positive from any parent’s point of view) and learn about his pet. Then all he has to do […]

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Video Games Belt Loop

Video Games Belt Loop for Cub Scouts

There has been a lot of hubbub lately about the addition of Video Games to the Cub Scouts Sports and Academics Program. I’ve heard it referred to as the latest Boy Scout merit badge. Of course, it is not a Boy Scout merit badge, it is a Cub Scout belt loop and pin.

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