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Cub Scout Pack Meeting Idea – Nutrition Belt Loop (Health and Fitness)

As I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, our Cub Pack worked on the Nutrition belt loop at the March Cub Scout Pack meeting. If you still need a pack meeting idea for May, this would also fit in well with May’s core value of Health and Fitness.

There are only three requirements for the Nutrition belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program:

  1. Make a poster of foods that are good for you. Share the poster with your den.
  2. Explain the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. Eat one of each.
  3. Help prepare and eat a healthy meal of foods that are included in a food pyramid.
We were fortunate to have a nutritionist come in and work with the kids for this meeting, but you could do it with just parents also.

Pack Meeting Plan – Nutrition Belt Loop


We had a typical opening ceremony, with one of the dens doing flags.


The nutritionist brought in some food models and plastic plates and gave some to each den. She talked about the different types of food (and covered part of requirement 2 in the process). She asked them to make up a healthy plate of food. You could use play food or do something similar with magazine pictures.

Next, they made their posters for requirement 1.

Then they went into the kitchen. They made chicken wraps and fruit and yogurt  parfaits. This completed requirement 2 and also did requirement 3.


Then recognitions were handed out. Nothing elaborate since there wasn’t much time.


The pack closed with a prayer and one of the dens did a closing flag ceremony.

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    Thanks for this great idea! I really have enjoyed your posts on FB and have signed up for your newsletter. Keep up the good work!!!

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