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BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 3: Your Flag, Keep Your Body Healthy, and Bowling Belt Loop

BSA provides den meeting plans for den leaders on the website. Today, I am going to go through the third Wolf plan. If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 3 to follow along with this article.

The BSA meeting plans are designed to be done in order, so start at the beginning if you haven’t done any of these yet. Meeting 3 completes Wolf Achievement 2 – Your Flag, starts Wolf Achievement 3 – Keep Your Body Healthy, and covers part Elective 20 – Sports and part of the Bowling belt loop.

Looking at this plan, it seems to me like a lot to cover in a single meeting. The plan does not indicate how long this meeting will take or how long they think you will spend on each activity. So be aware beforehand that you might not have time to do Elective 20 and the belt loop.

Get BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 3 from the website

BSA Wolf Den Meeting 3: Your Flag and Sports Electives


Read through all of the instructions well before the meeting so you are prepared. You will need to gather the materials. Pay attention to the need for a flag pole. Hopefully your meeting place has one you can use, although you might have to arrange to get the correct type of flag from them beforehand. If not, you might have to do this part of the requirement later at a different location such as a VFW post, city hall, or school.

Before the Meeting and Gathering

Have a gathering activity on hand so the Cub Scouts have something to do until everyone arrives. See my crafts page or puzzles page for some ideas. Practice the flag raising and lowering beforehand so you know what you are doing. I have always been fortunate enough to have a couple of Den Chiefs, so they took care of this part. If you have never raised and lowered a flag or need a refresher, check out my post on Raising and Lowering the US Flag.


For the opening, you will be doing a flag ceremony. For instructions for an indoor ceremony, see this simple opening flag ceremony . This fulfills Wolf Achievement 2 Requirement b for the Scout leading the ceremony and Requirement f if you do it outdoors. Your Wolves will have to take turns leading the flag ceremony at future meetings so they can all complete requirement b.


Move through this section pretty quickly. Cub Scouts often find this part boring.


Do Achievement 2c

Tell how to respect and take care of the U.S. flag. Show three ways to display the flag.

This is pretty straightforward – on a pole, on a wall, and in front of an audience.

Do Achievement 2d

Learn about the flag of your state or territory and how to display it.

The flags are shown in the Wolf handbook. You can make this a little more interactive and fun by printing out some coloring pages of your state flag and letting the kids color them. This could even be part of the gathering activity instead. Crayola has a very helpful page with coloring sheets for all of the US state flags.

For information on the etiquette for displaying state flags with the US flag, see Displaying the US Flag with Other Flags .

Do Achievement 2e

Learn how to raise a U.S. flag properly for an outdoor ceremony.

Remember, you can find instructions in my post on Raising and Lowering the US Flag.

Achievement 2g

With the help of another person, fold the U.S. flag.

You can find help for this requirement in my article on Folding the US Flag.

Sports elective activities. – As I mentioned above, you might run out of time and not get to these. That is OK. These are electives, so they don’t have to do them to get the Wolf badge. Instead, these help them earn Arrow Points. So focus on getting the achievements done. If you manage to do some electives, that is just a bonus.

Elective 20h  – Show how to make a sprint start in track. See how far you can run in 10 seconds.

Elective 20i – Do a standing long jump. Jump as far as you can.

Play a team sport (If they are on sports teams, you can ask them if they have done one of these as part of a team, rather than trying to do it at the meeting.)

Elective 20j  – Play a game of flag football.

Elective 20k – Show how to dribble and kick a soccer ball. Take part in a game.

Elective 20l – Play a game of baseball or softball.

Elective 20m – Show how to shoot, pass, and dribble a basketball. Take part in a game.

Bowling belt loop, requirement 1 – You need to do this if you intend to follow the plan for the next meeting plan in this series. You can choose a different sport though. Check out my Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program page for some other sports belt loops which are available.


Keep it simple, but do something to indicate that the meeting has come to an end. If all else fails, fall back on the Cub Scout Promise or the Law of the Pack.

Don’t forget to hand out the home assignment and make sure the parents are aware of it. You can print off the one from the program helps or you can get one from my article Wolf Achievement 3: Keep Your  Body Healthy – Healthy Habits Worksheet.

After the Meeting

Yes! Another meeting complete and all went well. Remember to let the other families help with refreshments and cleanup.

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