Bear Fellowship of Faith

Bear Adventure Requirements: Fellowship of Faith

For the Fellowship of Faith adventure, Bears learn either earn the religious emblem for their faith or explore the practice and history of their beliefs.

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Wolf Footsteps of Faith

Wolf Adventure Requirements: Footsteps of Faith

For the Footsteps of Faith adventure, Wolves visit a religious monument and create a display about their trip. They also explore other aspects of faith.

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Where Do Boy Scouts Learn Skills?

A reader asks if Scout skills can only be learned at Scout events. While this is typical, if a Scout learned the skill elsewhere and can fulfill the requirement then it should be signed off.

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Tiger My Familys Faith

Tiger Adventure Requirements: My Family’s Faith

For the My Family’s Faith adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners talk about faith and family and participate in an activity related to their beliefs.

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AOL Camper

Arrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Camper

In the Camper Arrow of Light core adventure, Webelos learn how to camp and outdoor skills such as geocaching, knot tying, the Outdoor Code, and Leave No Trace.

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Webelos Faith In Action

Webelos Adventure Requirements: Faith in Action

For this adventure, Webelos either earn the religious emblem of their faith or plan and take part in an interfaith service and explore their own beliefs.

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Bear Necessities

Bear Adventure Requirements: Bear Necessities

For this Bear Necessities adventure, Bears learn some outdoor skills, go camping, do some cooking, and learn a little about the weather.

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Wolf Council Fire

Wolf Adventure Requirements: Council Fire

For the Council Fire adventure, Wolves learn about being a member of a community. They plan a service project, look for ways they can help in their area, and actively participate in making their community better.

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Games Tigers Play

Tiger Adventure Requirements: Games Tigers Play

For the Games Tigers Play adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners learn about teamwork while playing games. They also explore how active games and nutritious food keep us healthy.

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Uniform and Flag

Scheduling a Boy Scout Board of Review

Can a troop place requirements on how a Board of Review must be requested? For example, can a troop require that the Scout request the BOR by phone rather than in person?

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AOL Building a Better World

Arrow of Light Adventure Requirements: Building a Better World

In the Building a Better World Arrow of Light adventure, Webelos learn all about citizenship including about the rights and duties of citizens, local government, improving our communities through conservation, and connecting with Scouts in different countries.

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Webelos Cast Iron Chef

Webelos Adventure Requirements: Cast Iron Chef

In the Cast Iron Chef adventure, Webelos learn about healthy food choices and how to safely prepare food in an outdoor setting.

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Bear Claws

Bear Adventure Requirements: Bear Claws

Bear Claws is one of the Bear CORE Adventure Requirements. In this adventure, Bears learn how to use their pocketknives safely and carve a couple of items.

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Wolf Call of the Wild

Wolf Adventure Requirements: Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild is one of the Wolf CORE Adventure Requirements. Wolves go camping, learn some Scout skills, think about being prepared for outdoor adventure, and learn about Leave No Trace.

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Tiger Backyard Jungle

Tiger Adventure Requirements: Backyard Jungle

For this adventure, Tiger Cubs and their adult partners learn to really observe the outdoors and see all of the life and activity that happens in nature.

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religious emblem knot

Youth Religious Emblem Knot

A reader asks if a Boy Scout may wear the religious emblem knot if he earned a religious emblem as a Cub Scout. Yes, he may.

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Environment Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

The focus of the Environmental troop program feature for Boy Scouts is on the interdependence of living things.

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Hiking the 1000 Steps Trail

June Cub Scout Theme – Over the Horizon (Perseverance)

One of the Cub Scout themes for the June core value of Perseverance is an Over the Horizon theme. This program theme is based on hiking.

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Camping Equipment

Scouts Who Don’t Enjoy the Outdoors

Reader question: There is a cub in our pack that has no interest in the outdoors. He and I were talking about our upcoming family camp and he is dreading it. How can I help get him interested in being outdoors?

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Picture Telephone Game

Picture Telephone is a visual version of the classic telephone game. Our Crew recently played this during the Communication section of the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews course.

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