Square Lashing

Scout Pioneering Website

Larry sent in this helpful suggestion for a site with lots of pioneering projects.

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cute poodle dog wearing party hat

March Cub Scout Theme – Pet Pals (Compassion)

One Cub Scout theme for the March core value of Compassion is a Pet Pals theme. This theme focuses on taking care of our pet companions.

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Winter Camp Games and Activities

Nancy sent in this question: “I would like ideas for a winter camp that we either play inside or outside in the snow at a cub camp with 3rd year Beavers.”

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Bear American Indian Life

BSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan N – American Indian Life

This idea from the Bear den meeting plans focuses on the culture of the first Americans. It covers requirements for Bear Elective 24 – American Indian Life.

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Conflicts with Unit Fundraising

The best way to handle possible conflicts between unit fundraisers is to talk it out.

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Tiger Cub Scouts

Tiger Cub Electives – Group or Individual?

All Tiger Cub activities are to be done with an adult partner. The adult partner can be a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. I’ve even had a college aged sibling do activities with Tiger Cubs.

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Pizza Box

Pizza Man Song

The Pizza Man song is a camp classic. This is one of those songs that has many different versions and they are all fun. All of the catch phrases rhyme (somewhat) with “man” and a lot of emphasis is usually put on the rhyme.

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Webelos Cub Scout badge

Reverse Tracking Tool for Webelos Advancement

A reader is looking for a tool to determine if an activity in the community corresponds/matches-up with a requirement toward an Activity Badge for Webelos.

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Communicator Computers

BSA Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plan 13 – Communicator

This idea from the Webelos den meeting plans covers part of the Communicator Activity Badge. Webelos visit a library, learn how to use computers, and earn their Computers Belt Loop during this meeting.

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Uniform and Flag

How Many Count as a Patrol?

Karen asked this question:
“How many boys from a Patrol does there need to be to qualify as doing “anything” as a Patrol?”

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Fun for the Family

BSA Family Award

Keith asked ” Is there a difference between the BSA Family Award and the BSA Fun for the Family Award? ” These are part of the same program, but like many BSA programs it has changed over the years.

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Boys Running

Wolf Adventure Trail

A reader asks “What is an adventure trail for Wolf Elective 18?”. An adventure trail is five activities or games set up in different areas of a park.

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boys and pet dog

Activity Patches

A reader asks “I have quite a number of different little patches that I would like to give out to my scouts. Is there a list with pictures of what these different patches would be awarded for? “

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Wolf Family Emergency

BSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan M – Family Alert

This idea from the wolf den meeting plans covers part of Wolf Elective 16 – Family Alert in which Wolf Cub Scouts learn about emergency preparedness.

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Tiger Cub Scouts

Gifts for Crossover for Tiger Cubs to Make for Boy Scouts

Reader Evelyn asked this question:

Our Webelos are crossing over to Boy Scouts and I was trying to think of a project for the tiger cubs to make or do for the boys crossing over? Just so that the TC can be a part of the excitement. Any ideas?

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cub scout arrow points

Bear Electives and Arrow Points

Arrow points can be confusing. Each part of an elective counts toward arrow points. In addition, Bears can use the requirements from any achievements they did not do as part of the Bear badge.

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Litter to Glitter

February Pack Meeting Plan – Litter to Glitter (Resourcefulness)

The Cub Scout core value for the month of February is Resourcefulness. BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Litter to Glitter related to this core value.

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Pen Signature

Interpreting Requirements

For requirements, the Scout must do the requirement as written. The Advisor, consultant, merit badge counselor, etc interprets those requirements to the best of their ability to ensure that the Scout fulfills them. They may not add to or subtract from the requirement.

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Bear Cub Scout Boats

BSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan M – Boats

Because of the age appropriate guidelines for Cub Scouts, this meeting must be done as a part of a district or council event.

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Cubs with Flags

Another Citizenship Pack Meeting Plan

A Citizenship-themed Pack meeting need not be boring. Add a little fun to your teaching, and good luck!

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