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BSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan C – More Spare Time Fun

BSA provides Wolf den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. Today’s plan is a supplemental den meeting plan which gives Wolves the opportunity to do some activities related to nature.  This plan continues to work on   Wolf Elective 5 – Spare Time Fun. The Wolves will complete their Pinewood Derby cars, which were started in Meeting B. This meeting will focus on decorating the cars.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Supplemental Wolf Den Meeting Plan C to follow along with this article.

Wolf Den Meeting Plans –  More Spare Time Fun

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Gather some supplies which the Wolves can use to decorate their cars – markers, stickers, etc.


See my gathering activities page for some ideas.


Do a simple opening flag ceremony.


Keep business to a minimum.


Complete the Pinewood Derby cars for Elective 5:

Make or put together some kind of model boat, airplane, train, or car.

Build pinewood derby cars with each Scout.

Have some simple games ready for Wolves who finish early. See my games page for ideas.


Do a simple closing like the Scout Oath.

After the Meeting

The Wolves should help clean everything up. Working on the cars can be messy, but they can clean up and put things away.

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